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I'm a vegan and have been finding more and more reasons for not partaking in dairy products, but pus! Wow, I had no idea. What a no-brainer!

[Yeah, really hit me hard back then, too... couldn't avoid the facts!

Thanks for your note... Best regards, Mark

new vegan

I had to do a persuasive speech for my public speaking class and I did it on the horrors of dairy - with a liter bottle to really gross them out. Since then-I had tried to stay away from dairy (milk was easy, it was cheese, butter and ice cream that were hard). Then something else on Rob's (www.notmilk.com) site really tipped me over-milk is bad, but it takes 10 pounds of milk to make cheese (concentrated pus anyone???) and 20 pounds of milk to make butter (block'o'pus on toast-yum!). That was it for me. Thanks for this blog - I just found it and as a new vegan-it has a lot of great tips!!!

[Glad to help! It's always great to know that something I've been doing is useful for others. Yup, cheese is the hardest, but over time, you'll find it gets easier... 'sides... there are some decent substitutes out there (albeit, expensive at times)... Best regards, Mark]


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! As a long time vegetatarian and one who as waivered on be vegan over the years your statement comes to me on the heals of my doctor's order to cut the saturated fat out of my diet to help lower by cholesterol level. I wondered how can I cut out cheese since I thought I loved it so much. Gag reflex is pretty strong and now my job just got easier. I am just going to have to go "cold turkey" but that statement just somehow doesn't seem quite right. Anyhow, who would knowingly eat such a thing as PUS Cells- YUCK!

[Thanks for the note! It can be done. I started out learning to like pizza with grilled vegetables and no-cheese sub, then buying subs, and now I make them myself (more like a custard). If you go to the "no dairy" blog I've listed you'll find some. Web searches work well to.

But yup... I ignored the animal cruety aspect to dairy (regrettably), but the "pus cells" just couldn't be ignore... Best regards, Mark ]

Gina aka Organic Mama

Well, cow pus is the tipping point for me as well! I have tried the vegan diet for about 1 year but then added dairy and cheese back in my diet. No more! Cow pus has gotten the old gag reflex working for sure. I guess I should say, Thanks ??? (just kidding)
((((Go Vegan))))

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