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Single vegan freelance interactive multimedia consultant, visual information specialist, environmentalist, and gourmet vegan cook.


I'm a freelance interactive multimedia consultant, and was the Visualizations Coordinator for two NASA Earth Satellite Missions, where I developed media published in several major magazines, and shown internationally on network broadcasts. I've also designed graphics, GUIs, animations, layouts and presentations for many Federal Agencies (including the White House) and various non-profits.

I helped create U.N. Peace Medal Award-winning high school curriculum, worked on an organic farm for a year, and was the head photographer at AR200x conferences. I'm learned a lot from Howard Lyman (aka "The Mad Cowboy"), working with him as webmaster, e-Newsletter editor, and the design, content, editing, and production of all his DVDs. In helping create and manage the recipe section for his new book "No More Bull!," interacting with so many talented and dedicated cooks was one of the greatest thrills of my life.

I've been a vegan for a close to 10 years of the 30 years I've been a vegetarian. Last 5 1/2 years as no-added fat/oil vegan (a la Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn).

Twitter: @solveggie

Past work of note:

Avid organic gardener (vegetables/herbs/fruits), gourmet cook (recently discovering lacto-fermentation), & currently working hard on a unique vegan cookbook (hope to have out before mid-March). I'm also a "Mac bigot!"

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