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Sandy from Chicago

Don't these burgers have cheese in them? I heard they're not vegan, and I have to admit I like them, especially since the last one I had contained black beans.

I just found your blog - love it! Sorry that my response is four years after the fact, but I'm sure you understand....

[I don't know fer sure, but I don't think they have cheese in them. Black beans? Maybe things have changed in four or five years.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback and delighted you like my blog. Best regards, Mark]


I enjoyed your entry on the veggie burger. I actually found it while doing an internet search for how they are cooked. I was desperately hungry today and late for an appointment, so I grabbed one from a BK along my route. I swear the thing was deep-fried. I am guessing they did that since I ordered my with no mayo; they probably had to heat it up fast. Frankly a deep-fried patty grosses me out more than the possibility of the patty being cooked near some animal grease. Well, they are both gross. Thanks for the tip on microwaving. I will keep that in mind incase I ever come across another desperate moment. However, I believe I won't be forgetting to keep my usual apple and energy bar in my car's console!

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