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meat lover

my favorite one was 15. god damn is meat GUUUUUUUUD!

[Yup, nothing like eating the dead rotting cooked corpse of another species that's so GUD.]

Leafy Green

Just wanted to let you know that we loved your "15 reasons" article and decided to share it with our audience and encourage them to visit your blog: http://www.ecollo.com/post/2007/12/15-Reasons-to-Eat-Meat.aspx

Who knows? Maybe there's a carnivore out there with their own clever "15 reasons"...

Love your writing. If you have any other stories to share, let us know! I think a lot of the people reading Ecollo can appeciate your point of view (and sense of humour!).

Happy holidays!


I gotta clean the coffee off my keyboard and monitor now. This is hilarious. And once again at least one person didn't "get" your sense of humor. sigh....

[Tks for the comment... nice way to start the day. Yeah, it's amazing that some people took me seriously AND the number of hits I get a day just on that old old essay. People keep typing "Reasons to Eat Meat" into Search Engines. So, a vegan has the #1 Google hit for that topic. *double snerk*]




I love meat so much

nathan danley

WOW... you are the biggest moron who tried to convince anyone that meat eating is justified that i have ever heard.

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