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Wow, scary stuff. I never use faux cheeses or faux meats, but I do use oil (usually olive) and have been trying to cut down over time. I have Ornish's first book (Eat More, Weigh Less)--in that book, he advocates only 10% fat from all sources--and the recipes are actually really good, anyway! You've reminded me I need to go take another look at it.

[Yeah, read that book in the early 80s and it was a big influence... later lost over 70 lbs. in 4 months by keep my percentage of fat from calories between 10 and 15%. Kinda fell off the wagon later, then got back on.

But instrumental to me was interviewing Esselstyn two years ago the end of this month. That was the kicker. I was also stunned that exercise was not key.

It is amazing how much pure fat is in those faux cheese as well as in just one tablespoon of oil. I'm taking flack for pointing this out on selected blogsites, but... it's the truth. I do like McDougall's observation that oil is NOT food or whole food, and contributes relatively nothing nutritionally.

The trick is to de-condition your fat receptors... once you do that, it's easy to stay off the added fat (or so I've found).

Thanks for the feedback! Best, Mark]

DJ Karma (VegSpinz)

Hi, Mark! You are right about the health issue of our foods today, however, products like Follow Your Heart are meant to help those who are "addicted" to dairy products and have horrible cravings for rich, oily foods. It still may be an "evil," but it is leading (hopefully) toward a path that is not only healthier than the full fat counterparts, but also towards one that is more compassionate to the animals and kinder to the Earth. When I cook for the omnivores in my house, I am sensitive to their addictions (and somewhat my own :))- introducing them to steamed Amaranth over a bed of raw greens is tasty to me, but unappealing to most in my house... baby steps, though... baby steps! Thanks for commenting on my blog!


But most of the vegans I know are ethical vegans--we want to avoid cruelty, and milk is far worse than faux cheeses for that.

[That may be so, but the added fat increases the odds for heart disease/strokes, and a host of other problems. Too many vegans think "faux cheeses" are healthy. They aren't. Most are just soy and oil. Thanks for your feedback, though! Best, Mark]

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