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Mike Leannah

I see tempeh's ingredient list as just soybeans and water. So why is it so high in fat?

['cause of the inherent fat content of soybeans... BUT, this isn't added oil, so consume in moderation. Not a heart disease issue (unless you're really overdoing the daily fat grams total in general).


I feel really bad for you! I love reading this blog though.

[Don't! I've reduced my chances of getting heart disease to as close to "zero" as you can. I no longer am addicted to craving fat or oil. It's wonderful! I lost weight, gained energy, and reduce the odds of getting several disorders most people get as they get older.

I feel sorry for you! At your age, you have the opportunity to do even better with your later years, if you'd open your mind to the possibility that added oil does cause problems, isn't nature (isn't even a whole food), and that the research done by Esselstyn, Ornish, and others, nails it.

We have a the knowledge and means to avoid the biggest killer of men and women in this country, and although going vegan decreases the odds a little that you'll get heart disease, it is still high for those people using added fat/oil.

I believe people who are creative enough to do unique recipes, as you are, especially vegan, have a higher responsibility than just feed the fat, sugar, and salt addictions too many people still have (vegan or not).

Think about it some time.

Best regards, Mark]

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