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Angela W.


Mark -- Love your blog...have you seen this article? What are your thoughts?
Angela W.

[Only have time for a quick skim (didn't realize comments weren't getting through my spam filters and suddenly there's a backlog to answer).

I think there are some valid points about kids being unknowledgable at times about how to go veg in a healthy fashion, let alone may attention to their unique nutritional needs in early years.

That being said, it needs to be balanced with nutritionists who may know know as much as they think they do, those that are biased, and the percentage of kids who would have eating disorders under any condition.

Being informed goes a long way, and the Internet can be a double-edged sword regarding "what's healthy" and "what's not."

Bottom line: one can be a health veg'n or an unhealth one, and it's important to understand the difference and eat accordingly.

One of the reasons I complain about the added fat that so many vegans seem oblivious to.

Thanks for your comment and link... Best, Mark]

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