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What a sad but thought-provoking post. I read a LOT of vegan blogs and recipes, and understand exactly what you're talking about. I wish there was a harmless tasteless substance I could sub for all that fat - many times I have to just move on because I can't think of a work-around, no matter how good it sounds or looks.

I hope your dad will eventually read McDougall and Essey like you did.

[Thanks for your note... he was doing well for awhile having read Essy's book and the interview I did with him, but he's since lapsed somewhat.

Frustrating... amazing, too, that so many vegans who could give up the addictive taste of meat, eggs, and dairy, sometimes spend a lot of money and consume non-healthy alternatives to get back that taste!

I think it's the faux cheeses and mayo-subs that are the absolute worst. You're lucky that you seem to understand that look'n'taste don't always equal "healthy" or "advisable for consumption."

Anyway, Dad sent me an e-mail from his Blackberry (another addiction!) and the "procedure" was successful. Downside: three days in the hospital to monitor new medication.

Wanna guess how healthy the meals will be? Yarrrrghhh....

Appreciate the feedback! Best, Mark]

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