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On each of them the top five or six ingredients listed includes at least three types of sugar (corn syrup, evaporated can juice, rice syrup, agave, beet sugar)! Combine that with ingredients like environmentally destructive palm oil and you've got quite the combination. And yet, for some reason the idea of a Snickers equivalent is still enticing...

[Yeah, and it's that enticement that I worry about... I perceive it as an addiction, every bit as much as wanting meat, dairy, and eggs was... ironic that the negative e-mail feedback I get from VEGANS resembles that from carnivores when I went Veg, essentially the same silly argument: "a little doesn't hurt once in awhile."

Thanks so much for pointing out the sugar thang... it is stunning how much they put into these "healthy" bars.

I think we are hard-wired to WANT fat and sugar from an evolutionary standpoint and we must consciously control that urge. Corporations are taking advantage of this, whether the product they produce is vegan or not.

Again, much appreciation for your comment. I feel less a "food nazi" as a result.

Best, Mark]


I believe in moderation. Eating a nutritionally useless candy bar once in a blue moon is not a big deal in my book as long as the rest of the time you are eating healthy foods.

[As McDougall has put it: "Moderation kills." Even ONE high fat meal affects the elasticity of your blood vessels (this has been measured, and is not an aggregate statistic) and provides the fuel for development of plaque that causes 90% of the strokes that kill us.

I liken it to an alcoholic thinking he/she can have a beer once in awhile. IMHO, the sooner we get over these taste addictions, the better.

We'll have to agree to disagree on it all. I appreciate your feedback, though. Thanks for your comment. Best regards, Mark]

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