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When a recipe is considered 'creative' most of the time there is little focus on what goes into the recipe. This applies particularly to TV and celebrity chefs. As you often mention all too often because it's vegan or vegetarian then it's somehow assumed the recipe is 'healthy'. Surely if a chef is 'creative' they should be able to prepare dishes that are creative, delicious and are acceptable according to the low fat guidelines. I like to stick to nature's bounty of fruits when I need something sweet. I have yet to see man improve on this.

[We are in such agreement... my appreciation for your feedback! It's sad, though. In re-reading that post I'm still struck by the absurdity of adding sugar, fat, salt, and refined flour to the magnificence of fresh blue berries.

My own breakfast this morning? I'm off now to pick homegrown currants and raspberries. To add just about anything to them, especially the additives previously mentioned, imho, would be a crime.

Best regards, Mark]

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