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Hi Mark,

I have been assisting a friend who got a scare when he visited his doctor recently i.e. high blood pressure, overweight etc.
An older man I advised him to stick to unproccessed foods and cut back on the beer and increase the plant foods. Although he still eats a little steamed fish or chicken breast of an evening mainly he has vastly increased his consumption of veggies (raw and steamed), beans and now he eats fruits. As a result he has already lost 9kg in about 6 weeks. He still has about 10 kg to go but he is enjoying the foods he is eating so this is sustainable diet . He uses no oil what so ever, no nuts (because he can't stop at a few)and the occasional avocado. I keep on emphasising to him to steer clear of processed foods. In addition he is walking close about 8km a day.
This story just confirms what you and I both know i.e. the vast benefits of a whole food low fat plant based diet. It's a message that's worth shouting about.

[Ah, Peter, you made my day... you are clearly a good friend for your friend and thanks so much for your comment... yup... it's the added fat AND the added sugar/and/or/salt that does it, whether vegan or not. The sooner the community realizes this the better.

I fear it will be an uphill slog as the word "moderation" is misunderstood, and too many people (and vegans) are addicted to added fat, sugar, and salt.

We do what we can... thanks again! Best regards, Mark]

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