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I was so excited to visit Mighty-O when visiting Seattle!! But I literally couldn't stomach one of their donuts. It was the most heavy things I've ever consumed and I proceeded to get sick to my stomach. They advertise their use of palm oil, but perhaps they should switch...

[Thanks for your note... it sounds good, "vegan donuts," but in reality, it's bad for your health. It's great to get feedback like yours. Best regards, Mark]


Hm, interesting. it'll be interesting to see if further studies duplicate the findings around Alzheimers.

[Well, there's some evidence already regarding calories:


There wa some research, too, regarding saturated fat and Altzheimer's:

http://soulveggie.blogs.com/my_weblog/2009/09/saturated-fat-altzheimers-the-link.html ]

buyer beware always. stores must sell what sells and human brains automatically think short term.

yes, natural food has a rug of loopholes. arsenic is as natural as most any other compound. the idealizing of nature as pure protector is more ideological than biological.

[Agreed... thanks for your feedback.... Best regards, Mark]


I just don't understand why these businesses have to add oil and sugar to their
"treats". If everything is so "organic," so "natural," why not just allow the fruit to act as the sweetener, and bake the "treats" in non-stick apparatuses. That is why I make my own "treats." I find things taste just as good without a lot of additives. I totally agree with your statement that one must reprogram their taste buds and mind in order to truly be healthy.

Again, your blog is an eye-opener.

[Thanks much for the feedback. I'm in total agreement with you. I think part of the problem is that companies (vegan-oriented) and bloggers (the same) are stuck at the level of "duplicating the taste" of non-vegan products or meals, and not recognizings the unhealthy aspects of those "duplications" that, although now vegan, are ultimately still deleterious to our health.

Yup... reprogramming (or recalibrating) one's tastes buds is doable (and as vegans, we've done this to varying degrees), it's really important regarding fat, sugar, and salt.

Appreciate your thoughts.... Best regards, Mark ]


I like the expose. A donut is still a donut, and I get sick of people who think organic=healthy. Healthier for the soil, but not your arteries.

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