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For too long fruit juices have been promoted as being healthy even though they often contain as much sugar as soft drinks. Why not just eat the fruit itself? Not only does it come in nature's colourful package but you can even dispose of package in a compost bin. Furthermore all the nutrients are retained.

[I agree with you completely... thanks much for your feedback... wish more people understood what you are saying about juice... Best Regards, Mark]


Great article you linked to by Dr. McDougall. I have fallen victim to this sort of fairy tale thinking on occasion, particularly if "antioxidant" is anywhere on the label. Apparently at some level I fear that my whole body will collapse into a heap of rust!

[Thanks for the feedback... yeah, I think too many people (and vegan bloggers) fall victim to the "nutrient du jour" attitude. IMHO, it all comes down to eating as much whole vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes as you can, and stop looking for a "quick fix" via some processed "nutrient enhanced" beverage, food, or product.

Best regards, Mark]

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