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Rather than express the protein content of a food as a percentage why not indicate the grams of protein provided in a serving? If you do then you see that vegetables and fruits are incredibly low in protein. To use an example, you say broccoli gets 45% of its calories from protein. One cup of chopped broccoli provides 3 grams. That's a miniscule amount of protein unless you're counting on eating a truckload of the stuff. Comments?

[1/2 cup isn't a lot, I tend to have two cups, approximately, for my serving. In any case, you're assuming broccoli is the only source of protein during a given meal.

As to grams of protein, I use that approach in one of my other posts on the "protein" myth:


Note that what's generally defined as a serving of broccoli (there is a source link) is 8 grams of protein, the same as a serving of tofu.

Thanks for your feedback... Mark]


Excellent post!!! I've been a very strict Vegan for over 5 years. I follow the nutritional plan designed by Dr. Alan Goldhamer, Director and Founder of the True North Health Center (http://www.healthpromoting.com) in Santa Rosa, Calif.

[Bravo! Howard Lyman is a big follower of Goldhamer's and gave me a copy of his cookbook. Just fascinating (and ahead of its time). Some of the most unique non-fat, non-salt, non-sugar vegan recipes I've ever seen.]

There is absolutely NO reason to be concerned about getting enough protein or.. (and this one is what just "tickles" me...) the ****quality**** of protein. I can NOT tell you how many "discussions" Ive been caught up in regarding what "low" quality produce protein is!! I just say.. "People... protein is protein.. its all amino acids!" I also dispise the "oh.. well... you must consume tofu or such, if you don't eat animal flesh to get the protein needed.." AaaaH!!! I can't stand the site of tofu or any soy by product.

[I don't mind the occasional meat analog, but do recognize it's a "lower" protein source, nutritionally, and that too many people "lean" on them to accomodate, rather than eliminate, their taste addictions]

"where do you get your protein?" AND "where do you get your calcium?" are the 2 main questions I get all of the time. There is much education to be shared and so MUCH misinformation out there. We truly have our work cut out for us! Thanks the great post!!

[Agreed.... that it was a vegan blogger promoting the protein myth really ticked me off. One would expect better.]

P.S. wanted to share with you that Charlie Lindahl is a member of the Vegan/Vegetarian meetup group I started 2 months ago. He told me about your blogsite and I follow it all of the time :-)

[Thanks... Chuck and I go back to college... delighted that you enjoy the blog]

Would love to know what you think about my blog.... if you get some time :-) I am the HumbleVegan.


[Your blog is very cool and I was impressed! Keep up the good work... Best regards, Mark]


Thank you for clearing up some things, because there is a lot of fanatical stuff going around. Yes, plants absolutely can provide a wonderful source of protein, and yes protein is good for you, because some people are anti all of it. Awesome post!!

[Am flattered... thanks for your feedback... Best regards, Mark]


Unfortunately the protein myth seems to be so ingrained that's it's even prevelant amongst vegans. When I'm asked 'where do you get your protein?' I respond in asking 'how much protein do you think a person needs?'. Few people are able to answer this or even give a rough estimate.

[Yeah, good point. I was going to bring up the recommended totals, but decided not to. I dislike writing about Kathy's often misleading advice so much, but do feel it's important to have someone take her to task for the more horrendous things she says. I opted for a shorter blog post of my words, and longer of others]

I also steer away from the 'fake meat substitutes'. Why the need for such concoctions when nature provdies such a bounty of whole nutritous plant foods?

p.s. An update on my friend Barry who I previously mentioned I have helped in changing his lifestyle to basically a whole food plant based diet (with plenty of exercise) has now lost 15kg in the space of about three months. He now enjoys a wide range of veggies most of which he had never tasted or appreciated before. He eats a minimum of processed foods. In his words 'I'm eating like a horse but still losing'.

[That's fanastic! Thanks for your comments... Mark]

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