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that's good to hear.

had noticed the salt difference in food.
for sugar it was hard to tell since drinks are tending to nectars in Europe and I'm used to more dilute juices.


Interesting article concerning different approaches of the US and EU. You wrote that European formulations of products are different than ours. Can you cite an example or two? I never knew that. How about Canada? They are part of North America, but with different health care than us. Who do they resemble more?

[I don't remember the specific reference (ironically) but that I put it in an issue of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter:


There's a search engine there that might help (salt or sodium, pizza?).


Shows differences, but not necessarily of the type I'm noting. I seem to recall something about fast food being different in nutritional content, too.

Sorry, but that's the best I do right now. I'm way overcommitted on time for a couple of weeks ('cept trying to blog once in awhile). If I find anything, I'll post it.

But, and you'll have to call it heresay for now (!), I'm fairly confident that I remember there is a difference. The EU has higher standards on hormones in meat, food labeling, and recommended amounts of various aspects of food (sodium, sugar, etc.). They trend towards being stricter, and sooner.

Tks for your feedback... Best, Mark]


Wow, this is quite interesting! I am going to look into this more. Thank you so much for the post!

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