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Stop attacking others. It's annoying. You obviously have no self confidence.

[(1) It's not an attack. His recommendations and the "fat is flavor" attitude is an attack, however, an attack on 20 years of peer-reviewed research that shows clearly that added fat invites and promotes heart disease, as well as a host of other disorders:


(2) If you're annonyed, stop reading my blog. I'm posting facts and figures, and backing them up. I'm tired of so-called "great chefs" putting out high fat-ladden meals without having the creativity (or understanding that oil isn't a real food) to do better than this.

I'm tired of the, "but it's vegan and a start" whine. Taste addiction to fat, sugar, and salt is a very very big health problem, and too often the vegan community is seduced into thinking that just because it's vegan, it's healthy.

"Added fat is heart disease," not flavor. Besides, how little creativity in his recipe. He just fried some expensive fake meat in oil, drizzled oil over udon noodles, and then fried that, too. I'm not surprised it didn't work with Oprah. Also, I did look at other of his recipes, and most fall under the same "very high in added fat" description. We need to hold our vegan chefs to higher standards than simply duplicating the same fatty meals we had as carnivores.

3) "no self-confidence?" Thanks for making me laugh! Sure, I spend all this time researching these things and doing this blog at personal cost, no financial gain, 'cause I'm not self-confidence. Heart disease is epidemic, and it kills vegans (with a little less chance) than carnivores. Going vegan without paying attention to fat, sugar, and salt, doesn't solve the problem of long-term vitality and health.

Now, if you'd said I was sometimes "arrogant" or even, "opinionated," I would be hard pressed to disagree completely.


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