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As far as I know, acne generally comes from a high fat diet that clogs skin pores and allows bacteria to take over. I think the vegenaise would probably make it worse. As for the other nine uses, they would probably work!

[Yeah, you might be right... it WAS fun, though, to realize that most of those uses would work.

Hardly proper for a "food product" other than vodka... ! Best regards, Mark]


Oh man, I needed this. I know that you get flack for what you do, but I appreciate your honesty.

[Oh, I do, but I'm confident of the message. Too many people have contacted me who've gotten healthier by eliminating the added fat in their diet for me to stop.

I really enjoyed this post, though... kind of a catharsis AND, unfortunately, most (not sure of the acne) those things suggested (with tongue in cheek), would work... it's NOT food!

Thanks for your comment! Mark]

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