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What I don't get is why can't both folks like her and folks like me freaking peacefully co-exist?

I have the manners (thank you mom and dad) and the good sense to not preach my lifestyle to anyone. Only self-absorbed, crushing bores think (and say) they know it all. Would it kill the zealots to show me the same respect that I show them?

Apparently, yes.

[Your point about co-existence is interesting and, imho, important. It's the intolerance that is a baseline issue. I could care less what they might think about what I eat or not eat, but the gross generalizations and criticism is most irritating.

Thanks for your feedback! Mark]

Sandy in Chicago

Apparently, Palin is unaware that she's butchered God's Creation (pun intended), and if she were a true Christian, she would honor all of God's creatures by respecting all life He created, not just her own.

[Agreed! Mark]


I wonder if Palin realizes that we (humans) are made of "meat", too. If that's justification for her flesh-munching ways, why doesn't she advocate for cannibalism as well? At least then she'd be consistent.

[Ouch! Great point... thanks for that observation. Ironic that people claiming to be so "pure" and "spiritual" (i.e., fundamentalists) manifest such violent, inconsistent, and mean tendencies... Best regards, Mark]


It seems that Palin has many simplistic and prejudice views on a variety of issues. I wonder to what extent this comment represents her genuine views or whether she is just trying to gain popularity by aiming at 'soft targets'. All this from someone who many commentators say has 'presidential aspirations'.

[I tend to think it's a caculated "macho" description of what they actually believe.

Sad, really... Best regards, Mark]

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