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Kristin V.

Interesting post! It's very unfortunate that people see being vegan as complicated or expensive. I've also noticed that people who think eating vegan (or even vegetarian) is "expensive" are the ones who center their meals around fake meats instead of real dead animals.

[Agreed! Then there's many who think adding oil to their meals is healthy or that faux cheeses (most are mostly oil) are "healthier" than dairy cheese.

Thanks for your feedback! Best regards, Mark


I have heard that eating salad with lowfat or nonfat dressings inhibits the ability to wholly absorb the nutrients in the vegetables... what do you have to say about that? There are many fat-soluble vitamins... Without fat, we can't absorb these nutrients!

[Some people will add some sunflower seeds, a little avocado, little tofu, etc., to aid with the digestion. Personally, and this is very subjective, I've been doing no-fat dressings on my salads for years and believe I've been getting sufficient nurtrition.

Thanks for your question! It's a good one.

Best regards, Mark]


One of percieved barriers that people have in adopting veganism in general is their lack of imagination. Instead of asking when adopting a low fat vegan diet 'what will I eat' the approach should be to look at the vast variety fruits, veggies, whole grains and legumes available. The colours and flavours abound.
I rarely eat out which makes eating very cheap. I prepare everthing from scratch and buy fruit and veggies in season. Additionally I often buy fruit and veggies which are so called 'seconds' which are mostly perfectly fine with only slight blemishes on the skins. As for whole grains and lentils I buy them by the kg at a local Asian grocers. $10 spent on a low fat vegan meal made from scratch would result in a 'feast' at my house.
The pleasant side effect from not using any vegetable oil in the cooking process is that there are no greasy plates, pots and pans making cleaning much easier.

[Agreed on all accounts... I've lived on $15 for a week in lean years past, with a large abundance of fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes... I've purchased many "seconds" for frozen sauces, stews, and canning. Great savings.

Thanks for your feedback! Best regards, Mark]


One of the arguments people make to me is how expensive they think veganism is. Really? Fresh veggies, legumes and grains are the cheapest foods you can buy. Next time I'll just pass your post along!

[Yeah, and I was generous... one could make a killer stir-fry, vegetable sauce, stew, chili, with side dishes, for that amount of money. A great soup, fresh bread, and a dessert.

You're right... it's amazing how many people think that eating vegan is more expensive than eating carnivore. BTW: I sent a copy of my post to the PR representative for NBC's "Teaching Cooking" program (of which this segment was a part of).

Thanks for your feedback and I'm glad it'll be useful for you! Best regards, Mark]

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