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Hi Mark,

All too often pesto is considered to be 'healthy' because it is a concentrated source of greens but as you point out most pestos are very high in fat. Furthermore the promotion of olive oil as 'healthy' over the past decade or so is part of this 'healthy' image of pesto.
I don't like to use processed items so I don't use pesto however on occasion I do have access to an abundance of various greens. Nevertheless low fat pesto would be an excellent condiment for many simple foods. I guess I need to use a little more imagination i.e. roasted peppers, a small amount of tahini, or mustard could all be options.
Any ideas you may have would be appreciated.




Do you have a favorite fat-free/low-fat cheese replacement? I'm wary of nutritional yeast (but also avoid processed vegan cheeses just because they're straight fat), and am wondering if there are good ideas out there that I've missed. You mentioned miso in the pesto - have you had success with that?

[My favorite would be dependent upon the use! I tend to favor the nutritional yeast/mustard "sauces."

However, here's some links that might be helpful:


Here's one from Bryanna that works pretty well:

She's done a few others (the Bechamel sauce in her "Nona's Kitchen" works well without the oil). Robin's got a fine "sage fettucine" sauce for pasta in "Planet Vegan" that uses a can of white beans as the base. No nutritional yeast, I skip the oil.

Again, you usually sub a little mustard for the nutritional yeast.

In general, unless you want to spend $$ on agar-agar or nuts, getting a "hard cheese"is tough. I go for more of a "custard-style" sauce.

Hope this helps! I seem to recall putting up several recipe links for such on this blog a few years ago, and when time, I'll see if I can track it down.

Best regards, Mark (oh, and check out:

http://www.fatfreevegan.com it's searchable]

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