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So excited for the "green" Oscars! I can't wait to watch this Sunday! I recently reviewed Food, Inc. on my blog "Carly's Critiques," check it out:


I'm planning to write a review of The Cove within the next couple of days--keep checking my site for reviews of Oscar-nominated films!

[Cool website! Best, Mark]


Has anyone seen "Pressure Cooker?" It is an excellent documentary that's like Hoop Dreams meets Julie and Julia.

I saw it in Manhattan in the fall....

Also, if you love the Oscars and food, you HAVE to find this vid! It's a guy (NY cook/filmmaker I think) who does a really funny Oscar dinner every year!

Here's a link I hope gets you there!


Cheers! Dian (UK born foodie!)

[I seem to recall "Pressure Cooker" through some PBS interviews. Seems cool and the trailer shouldn't be too hard to find.

The Oscar guy is hilarious and a fine time. Yeah, not vegan, but a very weird bit of video that had me chuckling quite a bit.

Thanks much for your comment! Best regards, Mark]

Lance Mateas

I hope that they do win- it would be great exposure. I really like the way the film unflinchingly presented this information. My dad even mentioned that it was featured on a major network evening news show. That would have been unheard of five years ago. I saw a great interview with Kenner where he explained how he needed more lawyers than ever before in a documentary to watch his back!

[Way cool... thanks for the feedback... I'm not surprised by the lawyer issue in view of what Howard Lyman and Oprah went through.

In any case, the lid's off Pandora's Box... it's just a matter of time. People are becoming quite aware of factory farming and this documentary, imho, is the tip of the iceberg.

Best regards, Mark]

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