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Great post! I will have to write on this topic myself since I have thought about it a lot, particularly the family tradition issue. I always cringe when I look at the cooking magazine covers which regularly trumpet "comfort foods". They are always high fat terrors! However, as you mention (and McDougall does too, a lot) many "comfort foods" are starch based and easily made low fat. Which begs the question: is it the fat that is "comforting", or is it something else? If you have read Kessler's book The End of Overeating and/or Doug Lisle's The Pleasure Trap then the answer is at least partially that fat is comforting. But our experience suggests that "comfort" can and must be redefined.

[Thanks for the feedback, Lance. Agree with you on "remaking" comfort foods. Kessler's kind of a "Johnny Come Lately" on the topic (Barnard and others were well ahead of him), but I welcome any writing that helps bring the vital dietary issues into a new light.

I think there's a biological urge towards fat, salt, and sugar. But, it can get out of control with emotional attachment and more likely from corporate influence. It's clearly in their best interest (not unlike tobacco companies) to, well, fan that fire.

Again, thanks for your perspective... Best regards, Mark]


Mark, keep ranting. I love your blog, and I will continue to read it. Low-fat veganism is really the only way to go; the evidence is indisputable. I agree with much of your rant, in particular the fact that many people share an emotional connection to these "comfort foods."

[Thanks for the feedback, Chaz... good to know you're out there and understand. Best regards, Mark]

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