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I flip back and forth between liking Pollan and being exasperated with him. He does an awful lot to keep food a part of the national discussion, but I am still astounded that someone as intelligent as he is having done all that research can't make the jump to truly healthy food! As for Emeril, I rarely watch the food network, but I've noticed most of the chefs look really bloated, fat and sick. It's quite a turn off.

[Yeah, just listened to an hour of him on "Democracy Now." He gets so close, but misses the mark on the vegan end. He just won't go veg. Still, a lot of what he says is good and very helpful, particularly regarding the Farm Bill, the history of the food industry, and even coining the term "Nutritional Industrial Complex." He's also way off on the issue of fat (probably should send him a copy of Esselstyn's book), but I do believe his contributions, overall, are good.

FOOD Channel is background noise in the kitchen sometimes. I hadn't had cable for four years (just one channel out here in the boonies). I needed to get it to establish residency (long story). So, sometimes I watch bits of the shows (although I prefer my media non-linear time dependent). I have noticed how so many of the chefs are obese.

But then Emeril likes to say, "never trust a thin chef."

What a misguided idiot.... Best regards, Mark]

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