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What will it take to get Americans – and the food industrial complex – to get serious about taking some of the salt out of our diets?...

Since we are biologically programmed to seek out salt, since in nature it indicates a lot of vital minerals, it will take a lot of effort. I don't see many food companies willingly cutting back on what helps drive sales. Ditto for sugar. Ditto for fat. And yes, vegans are just as guilty!

[Agreed... the food companies have deliberately upped the dosages of fat, sugar, and salt, in this country to play to those biological needs and they become addictions.

I remember reading somewhere that many American food products, identical to those produced by the same company for the UK, have more salt than their UK counterparts (the UK is more stringent on the issue).

This must stop!

Thanks for your comment... Mark]


Hi Mark,

I thought you might find the following link of interest. http://www.saltmatters.org/site/
Here low salt foods must are defined as not exceeding 120 mg/100g
By sticking to a low fat (mostly whole food) vegan diet sodium is likely to be low. Furthermore once you experience having little salt in your diet for a prolonged period foods high in salt become increasingly unpalatable.

It's often eye popping the amount of sodium added to processed foods.



[Agreed... after assidiouslly limiting my sugar, fat, and sodium content for several weeks, I've lost the taste or addiction to all. It's really cool, but, admittedly, takes some discipline.

Great site! Will mention it in the upcoming MC newsletter.

Thanks for the info... Mark]

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