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greg pierce

Hi, Good information. It's important to note that hexane isn't being used secretly, as a matter of fact I just watched a show on foodtv that was explaining how hexane is used to extract cooking oils from soy, and other grains. So there is hexane in FAR more products than you mention, including most of our cooking oils, soy milk, protein bars, etc. The concentrations are likely not harmful but people should know what they are eating. Suggestion: Read the wikipedia article on hexane.

[It's hard to tell whether it's a problem or not (the hexane). I decided decades ago that there would always be junk in our air, soil, around me, water, etc., and that the best strategy was to focus on keeping the immune system strong and try to minimize consumption of anything coming out of a can or a box.

That being said, I do appreciate your note, thoughts, and suggestion.

Best regards, Mark]

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