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I was told by one of my professors that salt was not a part of the African pre-colonial diet. I think that particular fact gives reason as to why so many African Americans are affected by high blood pressure and other ailments that can be attributed to high salt intake. Maybe there is a biological aversion to salt present in other races also. I don't know. It would explain a lot, though.

russellville arkansas

i agree. salt is slowly killing us all. it's present in almost all of the foods out there.

[ Thanks for your feedback. How ironic that after writing my post, another vegan blog (kblog.lunchbunch.com) was posting about the "wonders" of Himalayan salt.

Unbelievable. Not only is it expensive, most of it comes from non-Himalayan sources. She believes in giving in to urges.

Yeah, that's worked really well for the 1/3 of our population's that's obese.

Salt, sugar, and fat. We have to minimize them all or well kill ourselves. The food corporations know full well that those ingredients are addictive and make a lot of money off people who can't (or are willing to try) to kick the habit.

Best regards, Mark]


Unfortunately the comments are hardly surprising. All that matters is profitability and maintaining the status quo. That's in spite of empirical evidence highlighting that significantly lowering salt in western populations would result in lower blood pressure and consequently heart disease (and probably stroke).
Putting it that way highlights the lack of morals that such companies have.


[...and even some vegan bloggers, like the gal recently praising Himalayan Salt. Unbelievable.

I was stunned, years ago, when I realized the salt content of Tamari, Low-Sodium Tamari, and Bragg's. I mean, some people use 1/2 cups of this stuff in recipes, and in many cases, much oil is involved, too.

Hopefully the word will continue to get out. Sugar, salt, and oil... we have to minimize consumption of all. They are NOT real food and are killing us slowly.

Best, Mark]

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