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Vegan’s & vegetarians can fall into unhealthy eating practices too. A few years ago, I wrote about it extensively on another website. Many of us are conditioned to include fat into our meals, so it really doesn't surprise me that many of us feel last without it, but we simply don't need it. :)

I believe in eating as close to the natural source as possible so I mainly eat whole foods. About a month ago, on Twitter, I saw people raving about Daiya cheese and I remember going to the site just to see what ingredients were listed to make it spreadable. I suspected it had to be oil. I couldn't find the ingredients on their website, but my search did lead me to your website which listed the ingredients. I wasn't surprised with the amount of oil in that 'cheese'.) I've been veggie since 1992, turned vegan shortly afterwards my tastes changed so I don't really seek out 'substitutes for animal based ingredients. I cannot help but think that people continue to crave animal based products because they seek a crutch (animal substitute.)

I'll be honest and say I use oil a lot... in my soaps, and other skin care products that I make. Regarding consuming it's something I, never used a lot and I'm using even less now. As time goes on it's something I like even less because realize I really don't need it.

[Thanks much for your feedback! I've no issue with using oils, just not eating them! Best regards, Mark (nice website!)]

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