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Christianna Pierce

Mark, I found myself nodding in agreement at your sentence,"We're sometimes like people who've just had a breakup and are so excited that anyone would be interested in us that we lower our standards and will go out with anyone who is even close to the former." So true!

When I am counseling new vegans or people in transition, I sometimes find myself so eager to encourage them in baby-steps, no matter how small, that I sometimes lose track of the big picture. And that is a ultimately doing them a disservice.

Thanks for the excellent reality check.

[And thanks for your feedback and, well, encouragement. It's a tough issue to advocate: many vegans tell me "it's okay if they do the fatty faux cheese," etc., as they are transitioning.

But the more important problems, the taste addiction to fat, salt, and or sugar, aren't being addressed. As I've been blunt about, we may, in theory, save more animals, but we're still going to see humans dropping in what are literally epidemic numbers (and at what an emotional/financial cost) whether they are vegan or not, if they continue to consume so much unnecessary fat, oil, salt, and sugar.

I'm lucky in that I believe firmly in the research of Ornish, Esselstyn, and Barnard, let alone, that the concept of oil NOT being real food makes a helluva lot of sense to me. After over 3 and a half years, I love not being addicted to the taste of the aforementioned unholy trio.

I've no problem with the first transition, say, to vegan (with, say, fatty Daiya cheese), but there's need to be a second. Why waste the time and potential deterioration of one's cardiovascular system?

I'd rather take the, ahem, bull by the horns: rid myself of the taste addictions for fat, sugar, and salt.

It's going to be a tough and protracted battle, but those of us who can demonstrate, through our own health and persistence of the facts, that a no-added fat vegan diet is the best for our longevity will eventually be proven right.

I admire the raw vegan foodists, only must note that so many of their recipes have SO much fat in them. But that's another matter.

Again, thanks for your feedback and you've a nice website!

Best regards, Mark

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