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Well, of course you've got my attention now....a vegan cookbook? No, a unique, cool vegan cookbook? There are way too many on the market now that are quite ordinary so this would be a welcome change. Can we get more details?

[Probably shouldn't have brought it up. I was still smoking from the explosive temper experienced. That person holds it all in for days, weeks, months, and the all of a sudden: "boom." The post was in part vent, in part trying to look at all from a larger vantage point. I'm very hurt inside.

Yeah, it is a unique concept, and I wish I could say more. But until I'm at a point where until I know for certain, in my mind, that it will be done (and when), I just can't say any more. Granted it'd be hard for someone to do in two months what I've spent over four years experimenting on, I don't want to give it away in advance. Once the book comes out, I fully expect a lot of "carbon copying."

Suffice it to say that the recipes will incorporate the philosophies of diet I wear on my sleeves in this blog. I'm dying to say more, but just can't right now. I agree with you that there is a sudden glut of vegan cookbooks on the market.

IMHO, there's a wide range of quality and health to them. Chef Tal's stuff is awful, 4 or 5 ingredients vegan has some astoundingly high fat recipes. I see incremental progress, though, and it's better than there not being many vegan cookbooks. But yeah, admittedly, many are somewhat "ordinary" (especially to an more experienced vegan cook).

My concept is not incremental. It's a new direction, or so I think. I wanna drop hints, but I know better. Believe me, as soon as it's clear it'll be done, I fully intend to blog about the project.

Soon. Thanks for your interest! Best regards, Mark]

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