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Hi Mark, have you heard of Dr Joel Fuhrman's nutritarian eating style? (animal products optional in very small amounts), well in this carefully crafted website from which it is tricky to navigate to a page stating his name, the marketing has faith overtones, check this out: http://eatrightamericachristian.com//home

[I'm familiar with his work and believe him sometimes to be at odds with Dr. Esselstyn:

http://soulveggie.blogs.com/my_weblog/2007/05/diet_mcdougalle.html has a panel discussion between them of note.

IMHO, Fuhrman's doing goog work, but his products being marketed on his website bug me, but that's me. That's how he makes his money. I have the same issue with McDougall's dried soups, no matter how he rationalizes the sodium in them (which, I've read, was a marketing decision).

The website you mentioned doesn't appear to be officially associated with him. He's in NJ, they aren't. But, nothing wrong with religion promoting veganism as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, thanks for the tip and I appreciate the interest. Best regards, Mark]

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