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Curious: Do Esselstyn and Ornish mean TOTAL fat grams for a day, or saturated fats? I got really sick trying to stay within their 20-24g/day range. Freezing cold all the time, no energy, and ahem, female problems (which still have yet to resolve!) Once I increased my fat intake slightly (still watching sat fats), I felt a million times better in just a week.

[They are talking fat grams in general. If you are having problems, you may have to adjust up accordingly. I'm not an expert in this area, and maybe you should contact one of them and ask your questions directly.

Certainly, watching the Sat Fats (despite some of the minority negative stuff about this) is probably prudent.]

Do they have different guidelines for women?

[None that I'm aware of, and again, maybe you should contact them (or Drs. Neal Barnard, or McDougall) for further advice.

Hope things go well for you. We all have to adjust to what our bodies tell us regarding nutritional intake.

Best regards, Mark]


what would you recommend i put on my popcorn?

[I've learned to love it plain (have an air popper), but others have suggested curry powder, vegan parmesan, mixed dried herbs, nutritional yeast, paprika, cumin, and so on.

Be creative! Best regards, Mark]


No, "meatless" doesn't mean it's healthy - or cruelty-free, or environmentally-friendly. Thanks for this post.

[Agreed! I don't think we should lower our standards just to get more vegetarians on board... let's keep the bar high! Best, Mark]

Joey Lee

Hi Mark-

I just wanted to let you know that the national Meatless Monday campaign features 4 healthy, meatless recipes on MeatlessMonday.com each and every Monday (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack/dessert). Unfortunately we don't have control over the content that our independent participants post as they go Meatless every Monday. (Like the one you've critiqued in this post.)

Many bloggers think its fun to do weekly Meatless Monday posts, usually posting a healthy meatless recipe. Would you be interested in starting weekly Meatless Monday posts on Soul Veggie? It would be a great way to spread the word and post recipes that live up to a higher standard of health.

Also- let me know if you'd like to submit any of your original recipes to be featured on MeatlessMonday.com. If they work for us, I'd love to link back to Soul Veggie as the source. You can submit recipes here:


Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you're interested in either weekly posts and/or submitting recipes and we'll coordinate.


-Joey Lee
Project Associate
Meatless Monday

[Thanks for your comment. I was concerned that y'all might misunderstand my intent.

As to posting recipes, I'm way too busy on my cookbook, but hope to contribute some time in the near future. Best regards for your efforts, Mark]

Jennifer Enchin

wow, yeah you might as well just eat meat...Yeah the whole oprah vegan thing is wrong in so many ways. People shouldn't focus on no meat, they should focus on health!

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