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Janey Franklin

Keep standing up, man. It's clear you don't mean to be offensive. You simply feel a moral obligation to caution others. Then they can make an educated choice. The science is so clear. The more we all share this information, the more quickly others can improve their health and the quality of all their years. Thanks for being bold, even when it gets uncomfortable. Janey


Ever realize people are supposed to die? including you.

[We are not "supposed" to die. Our biological systems provide that this will most likely happen. Helping make that event occur faster is pretty, well, stupid.

However, what about the quality of life in the process? Having seen, up close, the pain and anguish people go through suffering from degenerative diseases that could have been eliminated (or mitigated) from a no-added fat vegan diet is difficult.

Sure, I'm going to "die." I intend to do so with pride and knowing that I've extended my life, and quality of life, by getting with a different program. I also intend to contribute whatever I can to helping others in my later years.

This stupid attitude, that I'm guessing you're promoting with your comment, that we "all die sometime" is oblivious to what the process is like with degenerative diseases.''

Not pretty.

Perhaps focussing on what helps make life healthier in the long-term is something you should consider. Is enjoying too much fat, sugar, and/or salt now, worth what the payback might be years from now?'

IMHO, something everyone should consider every day.

You can "die well" or "die hard." The choice is yours, and it's largely predicated upon diet.

Regards, Mark ]


If people want to hear what you have to say, they will come seeking. Otherwise I vote that you keep your opinions off of other peoples work.

[I vote that you have no valid voice in this issue. You haven't the courage to even use your name, yet you are telling me to avoid voicing an opinon of other people's work.

It's a tough line to walk, but I will walk it. If I believe someone is promoting a very unhealthy meal as healthy, then pointing out the nutritional reality may help some people.

This ain't theory. Added fat kills. Vegans & non-vegans need to know the scientific truth, then make their own decisions as to whether or not they want to risk their lives or not.

Again, if I see "even you" jumping off a cliff, I'll yell loudly.

You can then decide if you want to jump or not.



“The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.” Gloria Steinem

Alicia (Vegan Epicurean)

I understand your frustration as I share your feelings. In my opinion most vegan food is just as unhealthy and sometimes more unhealthy than the standard American Diet. It is a bit depressing that people think "faux foods" are somehow better for them.

Good luck with your book,

[Thanks for the feedback! Best, Mark]


Brilliant Mark. Well done!

[Aw, shucks... (flipping off cow manure on my shoes as I write this)... Seriously, thanks! It was a heart-felt post under a period of time with not a lot of time. The "cliff" analogy came to me in process of writing and really helped me explain the internal conflict.

Inherently, I don't want to tell people what to do, not my job. But.....

In any case, thanks for your comment! Best regards, Mark]

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