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Hi Mark,

Love the story. I think I would have been happy trying out the Amish market.
I checked out the nutritional information of the BK veggie burger. 410 calories, with 16 grams of fat. That's about 35% of calories from fat. Add 1,030mg of sodium and the burger is nothing more than 'vegetarian junk food' but that's hardly surprising.


[Thanks for the feedback. As one of my first posts, it encouraged me to continue to not just communicate, but to work on my writing skills. Was considering a book of essays at some later point in time (still am, but figured I wanted to be the first out with my vegan cookbook concept... so anxious to announce it when I'm more certain of the timeline.

Best regards, Mark]



Oh my. I haven't stepped foot in a fast-food joint in a long time now, at least a year. I've been vegan for over 6 months now. Your experience is much like the one I think I'd be having. When I first went vegetarian (1 year, 3 months ago), I stopped at a BK on my way to work nearly every morning for an egg and cheese croissant. After a while, I noticed how terrible I felt and stopped going and I haven't been back since. I got a veggie burger once or twice, but was deterred by how long it took them to make it (frozen patties take a while). Now that it's been so long, the mere thought of being in a place like that makes me want to throw up.

[Yeah, re-reading that post after all this time brought back how truly alien the experience was for me. Since then, whenever I drive by a fast-food place (esp. McDonald's), I'm still taken aback by how many cars there are in the parking lot.

I can still see that kid from BK in my mind. One of those memories, associated with my passion for growing food, that will most likely never fade. The irony of me buying seeds while his Grandma was buying him candy still haunts me to this day.

Thanks for your comment and feedback! You've also an interesting website. Kudos.

Best regards, Mark]

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