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thanks for the info. just saw a CNN report of Dr Gupta about heart disease featuring President Clinton and Dr Esselstyn. I'm 37 yrs old and I totally agree that best cure/prevention for heart disease is a plant based diet. My wife is also willing but is having problems with food recipes to use since we grew up in a meat eating culture.Hope your book comes out soon. Would you know any Asian vegetarian authors??? thanks and God bless!

[Not off hand (on the road, no access to my cookbooks). Madhur Jaffrey has put out a great vegetarian cookbook (world recipes), but she did use a lot of oil.

You might find the following website (with reference to blog and List useful):


Susan's put together a marvelous resource for those wanting a no-added fat plant-based diet.

Best to you! And the book should be out NLT mid-October). Mark]

Paul Beigh

This is a great summary Mark, thanks for compiling and sharing.
I'm waiting "patiently" for your cookbook.

[Thanks! And so am I... 1st complete draft ('cept for Appendices, not sure how any yet) almost done. Dying to announce the title and concept. Possibly this week. Best regards, Mark]

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