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Chad McCullough

Great blog post! I've only used Daiya products a couple of times but this gives me a lot to think about. Shame on me for not looking at the ingredients and researching the company a bit more. I'm trying to move away from products that "look like the real thing".

By the way, do you have a Google+ profile? We have a great Vegan community on there with more than 3,200 members. I just posted this blog post in the community for them to read.


[Appreciate your comment... I tend to avoid anything Google, I don't like their collection of so much personal data (this pre-dates Snowden's revelations). But, I'll give it a serious thought. I've a couple of Google e-mail addresses.


Just yesterday I was at the HFS buying more nooch and the clerk asked me what I used it for, and I explained how to make cheeze sauces and other uses (Mentioned your book to him). He said to me I shouldn't bother spending my time making cheeze when all I had to do was grab a bag of Daiya from the refrigerated case. When asked if he ever read the label on that thing he sort of hesitated, then I mentioned it at least 50% FAT, that maybe *he* could tolerate it (not an ounce of adipose tissue on his entire 30 yr old fit body!) but *I* certainly can't. His response? "But it has coconut oil, the HEALTHY oil!"

ARGH! I was about to launch into another lecture when my husband politely reminded me the parking meter was about to run out and dragged me away.

[Yeah, it gets quite frustrating as there are so many oil myths out there being propagated. Almost as bad as the meat and dairy stuff we all went/go through. What's hardest with oil is that so many vegans just don't want to believe in the reality that added oil is bad for you, period. Hang in there!

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