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Kathy Rezansoff

We have been eating plant based for the past 2.5 years plus and my husband had a minor heart attack a couple of weeks ago. I am sure it is due to his oil intake. That has changed now :) and I'm looking for more recipe ideas with no added oil. Winning this cook book would be wonderful and a companion to the China Study that I already have.


Would love to win this book for my daughter's family of seven. They are moving more and more to WFPBNO. So this book would be very helpful.

Susan Leshinsky

I have had weight issues and high cholesterol most of my life. I became vegetarian 12/2012 and vegan July, 2013 after watching Forks Over Knives. My cholesterol has dropped 43 points, and I'm now at a healthy weight and don't have to struggle and fight to stay there! I totally believe in my new way of life - WFPBNO - and feel I owe all this to great men like Dr. Campbell, Dr. McDougall & Dr. Eisselstyn. I would love to have this cookbook so I can discover even more wonderful WFPBNO recipes!!


Love to eat plant based and love the recipes! Keep the animals alive!!!


My husband was able to lose 40+ lbs by following a low/no-oil vegan approach. I need to lose perhaps twice that amount. I enjoyed reading The China Study, and believe this cookbook would be incredibly helpful.

Adrienne Kristine

I am a two-year cancer survivor who was vegetarian since 1998 and now vegan since 2013. I'm using recommendations for the anti-cancer as well as a whole foods plant strong (per Rip Esselstyn) diet. The China Study is amazing and although I don't have my own copy, I would love one to give to a friend who is battling severe arthritis and would like to be healthier. Thank you for reading.


I am vegan. But always looking for new ideas and inspiration, especially for the non- vegos in my life. I'd love to learn more about how to make whole foods amazing.

Joel Morris

"The China Study" was the second book I read about a WFPB diet three years ago. It is compelling information and I feel so much better eating this way. I would love copy of the cookbook!


Love the China Study and Whole. Have been eating whole foods since July 1, 2013. Lost 25 lbs of fat and gaining muscle at 44 years old eating mashed potatoes and baked fries. Who'da thunk it? So is my wife, who's 50 and 110 lbs at 5' 4". It's so easy and tasty. Would love to check out this cookbook.


I just became 100% vegan after years of being vegetarian. My friend suggested china study book and I was reading it+ great support from peeps at vegan food enthusiast were great to guide me through transition.
I would love this book so I can get more ideas on healthy eating.


I would love this cookbook! I love that the recipes use no oil, as I am not always sure on how to adapt recipes calling for it. Since being plant based, I have been able to get off my blood pressure medication and I would like to maintain good health. My mother died from strokes and I would like to prevent that from happening to me.

Deborah Martin

After reading the China Study and watching Forks Over Knives, I've been WFPB for about 5 years. As a result, I no longer need cholesterol or blood pressure medicine and my energy level has increased. I'd love to have a copy of the cookbook!

Elizabeth montgomery

My husband read the China Study a few years ago and we have been following the plan. He lost a good amount of weight. I would like the cookbook so that I can give us a little more variety in our eating plan.

Greg Long

Have been on a meat and milk based diet for years. My daughter read The China Study and got me interested in a plant based diet. Started following the advice and weight/cholesterol are down, as well as blood pressure. In other words, it works!

Marsha Schauer

Hi, I am 90% WFPB after 2 years; the other 10% is the occasional egg and sometimes light dusting with shredded cheese. I would love to have this cookbook for the recipes, to add some variety to what I'm eating. I love the 3-4 recipes I make over and over, soooo yummy, but I'm pretty sure I should change up the foods more often, to get more nutrition variety. Thanks.

Jeff Olichwier

I have been a vegetarian for many years and have put on numerous events. I have even had Dr. Campbell and Dr. McDougall be keynote speakers at events I have put on. I think that eating closest to the whole food is best and I would love to have a copy of this cookbook!

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