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Salette Andrews

My father died of a massive heart attack when he was only 43 and I was 17. I began to study nutrition, took a college course on the subject, and read Diet for a Small Planet. I understood the link between red meat and heart disease and cut red meat out of my diet. In 1989, I toured a turkey farm with my son's kindergarten class, and immediately cut all meat out of our diets. In 2002, my then-17-year-old, cheese-loving son was diagnosed with leukemia. I stopped eating all animal products and went vegan that year. I have read both The China Study and Eat to Live. I am currently blogging my way through the ANDI scores at http://humanelivingnet.net/2013/01/02/andi-scores/.

Thank you for all your great work!

Taylor Francis

I was already a mostly vegetarian, but I watched "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead." While it was an inspirational movie, it introduced me to Joel Fuhrman. I got "Eat to Live" and have never looked back. My research led me to Drs. Campbell and Esselstyn. I'm down almost 70 lbs from my heaviest and I'm not stopping. WFPB is simply the way I live now.

Niki STALDER-Skarmoutsos

I started out as an "ethical vegan " but then my hubby hear dr Fuhrman on kqed probably 3-4 years ago and it became so apparent that not only should I be vegan for animals and the environment but for myself and my kids. I needed to look at true plant based healthy eating not just vegan.


Growing up as a farmer/rancher's daughter, I think the book that got my attention initially was The Mad Cowboy. I remembered being with my father at a cattle auction - and many of them were sick or diseased. My dad told me that's what they used for hot dogs and hamburgers! I still remember that altho I'm sure it happened 50 years ago. Anyway, that got my attention, but since dad raised his own beef, it didn't bother me until years later. These days, it literally turns my stomach to think of what most people eat, even with all the information we have access to.

Appreciate your review, and if I don't win, I will be buying the book myself!

Jill jensen

After some digestive issues I gave up meat, and with that 20 lbs fell away quickly. It is a daily struggle to stay true so books such as this, blogs etc. are a great help.

Beth Titus

It was 01/17/2004 that I suddenly literally "died" from Sudden Cardiac Death in a restaurant at the age of 45, Just fell over - no warning - Thankfully there were several people at the establishment that knew CPR and a fast ambulance response. My prognosis was pretty grim and I needed to be "shocked" several times in the first 24 hours and was given a 10% chance of surviving. Well I did survive and immediately scoured the internet for help. Both Dr Fuhrman and Dr, Estelsyn were my motivating factors to switch to a plant based diet and although over these past 10 years on paper I should not be alive - I am a living testament to plant based eating. I am very diligent in eating this way and it has become a way of life for me. i bought and thoroughly enjoyed your book and the pizzas are quite creative. There is not one person that I come in contact with (both medical and laymen) that do not grill me on the protein issue - but as you can see from someone who had little chance of surviving to 10 years later I believe I am the "poster child" for a plant based diet and have proved that i don't need any animal protein to survive and live a normal life. This way of eating has literally saved my life and I continue to thrive against all odds. Now if I could only convince the medical community in my area that this is the answer and their silly meat and olive oil laden recipes are poison I believe many other people could prolong their lives like I have.


Thank you for this informative review. The book that inspired me to make the change was Eat to Live, although I'm always looking to read more on the subject.

Bette Howland Helveston

The China Study is the book that changed my life. When I read that feeding rats animal protein would cause cancer in their bodies and that scientists could then feed them a plant-based diet and cure them of it-- repeatedly!-- I was convinced.


It began with animal rights, when I first read Cleveland Amory's "Man Kind? Our Incredible War on Wildlife" in the 1970s. Getting concrete information about a healthy vegetarian diet (as well as supplies) was harder then, so I'm glad there are so many more resources these days.

monica cameli

Hello, my name is Monica Cameli and I am 56 years old and when I was 7 years old, my mother remarried and we went to visit my new step dads brother on a farm. My sister and I went with our new cousins who were the same age as us to the 'slaughter house'. I had no idea what we were walking in to. Every time I tell this story, I can see it, smell it, and hear the animals crying for their lives! That experience is what started me on my vegan journey. It's taken many years to figure out how to eat right, though.
Thankfully, I've heard Dr. Esselstyn speak twice and have read many good books within the last few years to help me along in this journey..

Shayla Smith

Thanks for reviewing this wonderful book!! What changed my life forever? For me it was reading the books "The China Study" by T. Collin Campbell and "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" by Caldwell Esselstyn. My eyes were opened to the miraculous truth that I DID NOT HAVE TO BE SICK with the diseases that plagued my family! I had the POWER to change my health fate by what I CHOOSE to eat. I focused on eating a whole foods plant based diet for the last 8+ years and experience excellent health now. I share those books with everyone! No one should continue to suffer from completely avoidable illnesses/diseases when the TRUTH is available and so SIMPLE as well as WAY less expensive than all the medicines modern disease care foists upon those suffering. Thank you Dr's Campbell and Esselstyn!!


That would have to be Dr. Fuhrman for me. Once I understood the concept of nutrient density, everything else fell into place. Giving up meat and dairy was easy after that.


Wow, I'd love a copy of "Whole" since I'm a big fan of Dr. Campbell. It's taken me some time to make the dietary change, but I'm there now, feeling great, and effortlessly getting rid of extra weight. For me the journey started with the film "Forks Over Knives," and has continued with other films and books. Current favorite cookbooks are Del Stroufe's "Better Than Vegan" and Leann Campbell's "China Study Cookbook." Thanks for the great review!

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